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Back after 39 years

Location scouting in Shanghai

3 January 2019

It simply feels crazy to be back in Shanghai after so many years. Such an incredible city and I never thought it would have change so much. I’ve found myself with an unexpected entourage comprising a good friend and his family, a journalist friend and his photographer and a local university professor. Together we are looking at my photos from 1980 and combing the streets to find the same locations. It’s amazing to have the support of others as I create new images of places I first captured 39 years ago.

I have a busy 11 days ahead of me visiting Shanghai and Beijing and at this pace I’m not sure how I’m going to last. The adrenaline is certainly kicking in though, and I’m sure the excitement of this wonderful opportunity, to capture the vast change and compare it to what I first saw in the Sprint of 1980, will keep me on my toes.

Mike Emery

Author/Photographer - China's Children

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